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Shiner Beer- Spoetzl Brewery
Requested by "Katrina"- Am unfamiliar with this beer, but a pretty good web site..Thanks Katrina!
Anchor Steam Beer
Requested by "Desdrift"- Anchor Steam is one of my all-time favorite beers. A full bodied beer with minimal after taste. Good stuff...
Samuel Smiths
Brought to you by "Phil." Samuel Smith's is a fine beer, a man's beer...
Iron City Distributors
Requested by Bob Sluggo...
Turbo Dog Beer (Abita Brewery)
Requested by TWalsh..Thanks for visiting!
Board of Men
You gotta check this site out. A "must" see...
Rolling Rock Beer
- Brought to you by Karen Willdermood. I am mildly disappointed by the Rolling Rock web page, a bit too institutional for my taste, but I'm sure they'll get better at it. But THANKS, Karen, for the request.
Dos Equis Beer
Another great suggestion by Karen Willdermood. This is an interesting web site, very original. Dos Equis is another fine beer in a long line of great Mexican beers. and, THANKS, again Karen!

I received a very nice email from somone named Gandalf, at least that is this person's email. It was such a nice email, I decided to add his favorite hangout to my list. Check it out, it looks like a fun place in Harrisburg, PA!! Just click on the picture!
Personal Beer Labels
This is one of the most useful sites sent to me in a long time. You can actually order personalized bottles of beer. Check it out, and thanks to Alan Dunn for letting us know about this great service!
Guinness Stout
Brought to you by "Angel117711" One of the best "Stouts" around...
Victory Brewery
This site was suggested by Pete Stamoolis from Pittsburg, PA. Nice site, too. Thanks for the suggestion Pete!
Brewers Handbook
Ted Goldammer would like you to visit his web page. He has published a book on home brewing that will be available in January 2000. He's got my support! Thanks, Ted....
Badger Brewery, home of Tanglefoot Beer
A favorite of Stewart McGibbon's. Thanks Stewart!
Blackstar Beer
From Whitefish, Montana. I found this site while surfing, I went through Air Force basic training with a guy from Whitefish, Montana (Jeff Dvorak), so this is for Jeff! Nice site, too. They are presently running a t-shirt giveaway contest, so check it out!
Abita Brewery, Home of Turbo Dog Beer, and other fine brews in Louisiana!
Thanks to "AdkinsPhil" for the addition!
New Belgium Beer
Thanks to Larry LarBEERson (the "beer" is silent)for the suggestion!
Hard Hat Beer - Yee Haw!! Thanks to George Poncy at American Brewery for the tip!
If anyone has tried one, e-mail me and tell me how it is!
Big Sky Brewery, Home of the world famous "Moose Drool" Beer
Thanks to Dave and Emmy from the "Big Sky" State for this one! Hope I try one some day!
Hempenale Beer - A new suggestion from Michael Barker
Time to break out the lava lamp and black light posters! I guess everyone needs a hobby!
Sierra Nevada Beer - good clean beer
Bass Beer - stout
Labatt Beer - one of canada's finest
Boston Beer Brands - Micro brew Brands
McMenamin's Beer - Been to the brewery
good stuff
Santa Barbara Brewery - some good some not
Brews Brother's Beer - novelty beer
Cascade Lakes Brewery - tasty brew
Sharks Tooth Beer - beer with a bite
800-Micro Brew - variety
Molson Beer (good stuff)
Norwester Beer - Another good Portland Beer
Steinlager Beer - always a favorite
Hieneken Brewery - an old favorite
Widmer Beer - Another Portland Brew
Thanks to Patrick Edenfield for the tip!!
Samuel Adams
One of the best domestic beers
Unofficial Flying Dog Brewery Page- Colorado Beer
Thanks to Gerald "Geezer" Butler for the tip!
Yuengling Beer Web Page..Don't know much about this beer, but can't wait to try it!
Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Dalsey for the Tip!!
Duff Beer - yes, there is a sight advertising Homer Simpson's favorite Beer!
Thanks to Ian Bryant for the request!!
Dunedin Brewery- Gulf Coast Florida
Thanks to Webmaster Michael Douglas for the suggestion. Very nice web page! Thanks for checking in again Michael!
Kalik Beer - Beer of the Bahamas
Thanks to rjusa..Any beer in the Bahamas has to be great!
Fosters - Austrailian For Beer, Mate!
Always a favorite...Thanks to Sylvia Foster!
Full Sail Beer
Excellent Beer from the Hood River
Black Dog Honey Raspberry
Another Michael Barker suggestion, Thanks, Pal!
Corona Beer....
Great with a lime (and a senorita..)
Goose Island Beer
Thanks to Michael Barker (again!)
Pete's Beer - Fun web site
Thanks to Mark Warren - I'll have to try this one, too!!
Moosehead Beer
This was suggested by a visitor, but unfortunately, I lost her (his?) email. Please email me back so I can add your name to this link! Thanks..
Andy would like you to visit his page.
Go ahead, it's a pretty good one!
Murphy's Beer
Brought to you by "Chad" from Cork City Ireland...
Mackeson XXX Stout
Thanks to Andre Orso for the suggestion!!!!

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