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A great new service for Beer Links for Beer Lover Fans!

Warsaw Wally's neon signs has graciously offered to give "Beer Links for Beer Lovers" visitors a 5% discount on all of their incredibly wonderful neon signs! Just click on any neon sign image anywhere on any page and you will be wisked away to neon sign paradise. I have searched the web completely, and this is by far the best collection of neon beer signs available.

To insure that you get the 5% discount, you need to e-mail me so I can verify your order. So, bookmark this page, go browse the great neon sign collection and, if you decide to buy one, come back and e-mail me to let me know you placed an order. Make sure when you place your order with Warsaw Wally, you tell them that "Beer Links for Beer Lovers" sent you!

More here!

Marc Wetherington
Yes Marc! I have purchased a neon sign..
Please verify my discount!